The Concept Design is the fun and creative process of forming a vision of how the space could be, based on your tastes, needs, budget, location and natural potential. An alternative for larger sites is a Strategy which can be bolstered by Concepts Designs for partial areas. The typical process would include:

Stage 1

A noncommittal meeting, preferably on-site, to establish requirements, timescale, cost implications, what I can offer and if we want to work togethor.

Stage 2 (if appointed)

  • Site analysis
  • How the space is and will be used
  • Style preferences
  • Options/budget
  • Maintenance and cost expectations
  • Ideas and issues from initial meeting

Stage 3

  • Presentation of preliminary draft with options
  • Review and adaption
  • Maintenence and cost implications
  • How to take the project forward

Stage 4

  • Delivery of Concept Design

The design stage can end here or continue with me into Detailed Design and Implementation.