I have an abundance of ideas, however my main aim is to work with clients to bring out their ideas, wishes, personality, taste or an image they wish to portray.


For those seeking the less conventional, I relish the opportunity to broaden my own horizons by trying out alternative materials and designs.

Circular ecology

There is no `waste´ in nature; I aim to imitate this as far as viable in the design and maintenance of spaces created, this is especially viable on larger sites.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

By timing and planning I aim to use resources wisely which can reduce the negative environmental impacts that can occur in the development phase as well as maximising investment.

Source local

My first choice is as local as possible; this has benefits for material choice as they are usually more in keeping with the locality; acclimatised plants are more likely to thrive; local labour reduces travel and benefits the local economy.

Maximise site characteristics

Each site is unique, I prefer to work with existing characteristics, enhancing the positive and mitigating the negative rather than promoting expensive solutions and fighting nature.

Long term

When chosen wisely, I develop outdoor spaces that improve with time, enriched by a succession of plants and materials that weather and mature.